New Release: Valentine’s Lottery

Just in time for Valentine’s Day,  the latest book in the popular “Good with Numbers” holiday novella series is out today.

Valentine’s Lottery” features an independent 40-year-old woman, a cocky 35-year-old man, and 5 years of foreplay disguised as hate.

Here’s more information about the book:

“Valentine shmalentine – count me out!”

Valerie Robinson isn’t a fan of Valentine’s Day or matchmaking services, so when her friend bullies her into attending a Seasoned Singles mixer, she figures it’s highly unlikely that she’ll find Mr. Right. But she’s not expecting to be matched up with Mr. Wrong.

Simon Constantine is the bane of her existence. It was hate at first sight when he walked into her office five years ago. Little does she know that Simon has been in love with her for years. When Valerie resists his charms, Simon needs to pull out all the stops. He’s done waiting for her to come around, and if he has to channel his inner alpha to get her attention, that’s what he’ll do.

Can Simon melt Valerie’s heart and get her to see that love was right in front of her all along?

“Valentine’s Lottery” is the fifth book in the Good with Numbers holiday novella series. This steamy standalone workplace romance is a fun short read featuring a seasoned independent woman, a cocky younger man, meddling friends, and a holiday HEA.

Check out “Valentine’s Lottery” and the entire Good with Numbers series, available on Amazon now.   Be sure to leave a review and let me know how you like the book.

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