New Release Day: Maid for Christmas

Happy Saturday!  It’s new release day!  Book 3 of my popular “Good with Numbers” series is live on Amazon today.    Maid for Christmas is a seasoned romance set in the same accounting firm as the other “Good with Numbers” books.

In this Christmas novella, CEO James meets a lady billionaire who’s working undercover as a maid in her janitorial company.  Here’s a blurb about the book:

When Nina Jimenez slips into James Fitzgerald’s office to clean one evening, he assumes she is the cleaning lady. An understandable mistake, given that Nina is filling in for an employee on vacation for the holidays. The high-powered CEO of Johnson Janitorial, she likes playing undercover boss to stay in touch with her employees and keep herself grounded.

Their attraction is instant. After years of guys trying to use her or feeling intimidated by her wealth, Nina enjoys the anonymity of being plain old Nina, maid. But as their holiday romance blossoms, it becomes harder and harder to justify not telling James who she really is.  When her secret comes out, will James still like her for who she is? Or will their relationship die like a dried out Christmas tree?  

Maid for Christmas is the third book in the Good with Numbers holiday novella series. This steamy standalone short read office romance features a seasoned independent woman, a meddling brother, and a holiday HEA.

Head on over to my Amazon pageto pick up your copy today.   If you ennjoy this holiday treat, please consider leave a review.

And stay tuned, book 4 is coming soon!

A Good with Numbers Holiday Novella

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