I Bet You Think This Blog is About You

I was having coffee with a friend recently, the way you do, and mid-way through a story she was sharing she stops and says,  “Don’t write about this!”

She was joking (I think) and I of course would not share anyone’s personal story on my blog.  But it got me thinking about the way people connect to the blog.  There have been several times where I wrote something and someone who knew me in real life assumed I was writing it about them.

“I got your subtle hint,” one of my siblings said to me early in my blogging days.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“That blog you wrote yesterday.  I know it was meant for me.”

“Um.  Actually,  it wasn’t,” I responded.  “You know I prefer to lecture you in person. But if it spoke to you, I’m happy.”

Another time I heard from a friend that another friend was upset because she thought I was calling her out on something in a blog post.  Just like the case with my sibling, I hadn’t given a single thought to that person in writing my blog post.

That post, like all my posts, was for and about me and my thoughts and interests.

I went to a reading by David Sedaris once and remember him saying that the problem with being a writer is everyone in your life is afraid you’re going to write about them or share things they don’t want shared.

I can’t speak for David Sedaris, and I can only wish to be 10% as talented as he is, but for me, writing comes from a variety of sources.

Sometimes someone will say something to me, and it’ll trigger me to explore it more, like the time a woman commented on my friend and I laughing before yoga class.

Sometimes I’ll have a dream and think, why am I dreaming about a commercial jingle from 1978?

But most of the time, it’s either something that I’ve been thinking about, something I’m curious about or something that I’m struggling with myself.

If something on the blog speaks to you,  it’s likely just a coincidence.   Maybe your intuition led you to the message you needed to hear today.  Maybe it’s a commonality of human experience.

Whatever the reason,  whether you know me or not, if you connect with a post, or if it’s at all helpful or interesting then I’m glad.

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