New Book Release Day: Rock Star Writer

I’m excited to announce the release of my new book “Rock Star Writer”.

This long-awaited third installment to popular Oliver Boys Band series is available on Amazon now in both kindle and paperback.

Here’s more information on the book:

When rock star Johnny Oliver first met Janie Williams he called her fat — and she shoved him to the floor and poured beer on his head, much to the amusement of the crowded bar.

Ten years later their paths cross again. Johnny has forgotten their long-ago meeting, but Janie sure hasn’t. She hates Johnny on sight. Too bad Janie has been assigned as Johnny’s editor, and her job depends on her ability to get the scattered rock star focused and able to meet his deadlines, no matter what she has to do to support him.

Can Johnny get past Janie’s walls and convince her that he’s not the jerk she met all those years ago? With the help of a bad case of writer’s block, one meddling sister, and a lot of time in the kitchen, these enemies become friends, and much much more. But once his book is finally finished, will Johnny go back to his glamorous rock star life, or will he and Janie find their forever?

Rock Star Writer is a contemporary romantic comedy with a second chance at love and a HEA. This book is intended for mature audiences due to steamy scenes and adult language.

The Oliver Boys Band Series:
Book One: Until You Came Along (Jen and Nick)
Book Two: Rock Star Teacher (Jim and Paige)
Book Three: Rock Star Writer (Johnny and Janie)

For more information on this and all my books check out my Amazon author page at

Reviews and reader feedback are very much appreciated.  Happy reading!



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