Treat Yourself: The Simple Luxuries

“I can’t sleep any more. It’s too much like death.”        — Cosmo Castorini in “Moonstruck”

When’s the last time you replaced your pillows or bought new sheets?

I was in bed the other night, tossing and turning, when I had the sudden urge to use the restroom.  Apparently when you hit your 50s, your night become an endless series of bathroom trips.

Anyway,  I looked down and realized I had my pillows folded over and bunched up like a bunch of rags.  Frowning, I shook them out a bit and took a good look at them.  My pillows were flat, misshapen and old.  And my sheets weren’t much better.  Those poor sheets have seen a lot of hot flashes and snuggling dogs.

I haven’t slept well since 1980, but even so, I wondered how much worse my sleep was because of my ratty old bedding.  I couldn’t remember the last time I replaced my bedding, and I have tended to just buy whatever is cheap and sturdy.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think about my bedding a lot.  When I do it’s usually because I’m in a nice hotel with high thread-count sheets and high quality pillows and I’m thinking how great it’d be to have that at home.  Then I go home and forget all about it.

I resolved to treat myself to new bedding.  I decided to start with pillows.  But how to choose?  There’s approximately a million pillows, so I made a mental list of things that were important to me, like suitable for side sleepers, chemical free, hypoallergenic and not too hard or too soft.  Then I moved onto sheets and decided on warm and soft, but moisture wicking (hot flashes, remember?).

I didn’t go crazy, but I also didn’t go cheap.  I purchased items that checked off everything on my list, had consistently good reviews, and were mid-range in price.   And now I had something to pair with my brand new Chicago Bears quilt.  (Go Bears!)

When my new bedding arrived, I felt surprisingly excited.  It felt kind of decadent, like I was really treating myself, except there was no chocolate or alcohol involved.  It made me wonder why I hadn’t bought new bedding a long time ago.

An upgrade of your bedding has several important benefits, including:

  • Replacing old items that are broken down, uncomfortable, full of dust mites, smell funky or are otherwise gross
  • Improving sleep
  • Alleviating neck or shoulder issues from bad pillows
  • Stimulating the “feel good” hormones that flood your brain when you feel indulged
  • Reducing skin issues like acne, wrinkles or rosacea
  • Counteracting the scarcity mindset that many of us start adulthood with — it feels good to move past the days of goodwill sheets and hand-me-down pillows

Tonight when I lay in bed, it’ll be on my fluffy and comfortable new pillows and my soft and luxurious new sheets.  I may even get a little bit of sleep – until I have to pee again.

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