What Dogs Do When They’re Alone

I came home today to find the comforter bunched up in the middle of the bed, my pillow on the floor, and my ipad on the pillow.  Best I could figure, while I was gone my dog Edison couldn’t get comfortable on the bed,  so he settled onto a pillow on the floor to check his Facebook account on the ipad.


It’s a far cry from his puppy days when despite having a dog walker and about a million toys, Edison would routinely eat any Apple charger, lamp cord, or magazine or other random things.


So what do dogs do when they’re alone?  When researchers study dogs via remote cameras, they find that when the humans are gone they do things like:

  • Spend a lot of time staring out the window, or as we call it at my house, watching doggy TV
  • Moving from room to room making their rounds, checking on the house and patrolling their territory
  • Bark at passersby to let them know they better not come into your house
  • Sleeping so they’ll have energy to play with you when you get home
  • Exhibiting anxiety or boredom by chewing, barking, digging or other destructive behaviors that are focused on your favorite items or things that are expensive to replace
  • Eating and food seeking, like stealing food from counters or using the grill to make a steak
  • Bonding with the other animals in the house, and possibly plotting to overthrow the humans in the house
  • Show sadness if they’re totally alone and away from their pack, whining as if their life has ended or they’re being tortured
  • Play with their toys, or borrow your ipad

We can’t always be home with our furry friends, so it’s a good practice to try to keep them entertained and out of trouble while you’re gone.  Some things that might work:

  • Leaving the TV or radio on – there are also special videos to entertain dogs
  • Make sure they get enough exercise so they’re more likely to sleep while you’re gone
  • Be sure they have lots of toys, bones or other chewable items to focus on
  • Consider crate training
  • Use pheromone diffusers or cbd to lessen anxiety
  • Make sure they have a comfortable place to sleep
  • Get them a friend to hang out with while you’re gone
  • Consider doggy daycare

If all else fails,  just leave your ipad on your dresser and be sure they have the password.  They’ll entertain themselves for hours this way.  Good luck.

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