A Cougar In the Living Room

Despite what you might be thinking, this post is not about me dating a younger man. It’s actually about a real cougar, and our ability to roll with the punches and not make assumptions.

I was fascinated today to read a story about a woman in southern Oregon who had a cougar in her living room. An actual cougar, who wandered in, hung out and took a long nap.   At first I thought it was a hoax, because these days I have a hard time telling the difference between the Onion and actual news.  But it was covered by several local media, and I was able to find the woman’s Facebook posts with the story.

The short version is a woman leaves her door open and a cougar wandered into her house. Now, like me, you might hear that and be thinking, wow, that poor woman probably wet herself and called animal control in terror, and then they came with a sedative gun and knocked out that cougar.

But no, that’s not what happened.  The woman, who describes herself as having extensive experience working with animals and doing energy work, wasn’t scared at all. Instead of calling animal control she used vibrational energy to telepathically communicate to the cougar that it was safe.  She looked at the animal with a loving gaze, making eye contact. The cougar then settled in behind her couch and takes a six-hour nap while the woman hangs out.  Finally, six hours later and needing to leave, the woman gently wakes the cougar with drumming, raises her vibrational frequency and telepathically sends the cougar a message about how to exit the house and visualizes his path to get to safety.  Then the cougar gets up and happily ambles out.  The woman described the whole thing as a “blessed encounter”.

Now if you don’t live on the west coast, this story probably sounds insane to you but living in a New Agey part of the country, it actually doesn’t sound that hard to believe.  I couldn’t decide at first if this woman is a cougar whispering hero or totally foolish.  I’ve decided it’s the former, and I kind of want to be her new best friend.

Think about it for a minute: something happens that by most people’s definition would be totally terrifying. But she rolls with it and is totally calm and nonjudgmental. Instead of responding with fear and doing something that would injure the animal, she responds with love and has a very profound spiritual experience.

How many times do we approach a situation with fear because we’re conditioned to think it’s scary?  You might see a dog on the street, or a teenager who looks shifty, or a cougar in your living room, and immediately make an assumption that they will hurt you.  You respond with fear, and you send that fearful energy out, and maybe they pick up the energy you’re sending and act as you expect them to act.  Or maybe they don’t, and you wasted that energy for nothing.  And maybe you missed out on an interesting opportunity.

Of course there are lots of dangerous people and situations.  I get that, I grew up in one of the most dangerous cities in the country. Just yesterday someone showed me a photo of a murder that his sister witnessed in another country.  The world can be dangerous, it’s foolish to think otherwise.

But if we approach everything as if it will be dangerous, if we make snap judgement about what’s dangerous, what will we miss out on?  If the woman in this story had approached the cougar as dangerous, she would have missed out on learning more about the beautiful creature.

I challenge you, as I challenge myself, to start with love, not fear.  Give people the opportunity to rise to your expectations, not fall to your judgment. You might not ever get the opportunity to communicate with a cougar in your living room, but there are plenty of other profound experiences waiting for you if you just open yourself up to them.

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