Sitting here
Minding my own business
Suddenly my body tenses
I feel a tightness
Across the top of my shoulders
A few short seconds warning
I feel dread
And then it hits me
Like a tidal wave
Like a tsunami
I’m pulled under
A stabbing pain
In the left side of my head
I look around
Did someone hit me?
No one is there
The pain radiates out
Across my forehead
Sharply stabbing
Hotly aching
It pulses out my eye socket
Like the exit wound of a knife
I feel pressure
My brain seems to swell
Pushing out the edges of my skull
Will it explode?
My vision blurs
I feel a wave of nausea
My hair hurts
My fingers tingle
I’m cold
I’m hot
Voices seem farther away
Light assaults me
It burns my brain
My skin feels too tight
Raw and itchy
My mood darkens
My world grows smaller
Internally focused
Until it’s only pain
Only pain

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