Setting Up A Successful Week on Sunday

Do you spend your Sunday nights dreading the coming work week?  Find yourself needing a drink or a sleeping pill to get settled in for the night?

I hear you.  I used to spend most of Sunday evening stressed about work, tossing and turning until the wee hours.  But now I know I don’t need to let work anxiety ruin the end of my weekend.  Consider these tips to set yourself up for success and save your Sunday.

Prepare Ahead of Time for Your Monday

Spend a little time after dinner getting things ready for the next morning so you’re not rushing around at bedtime, or off to a bad start on Monday.  Pick out your clothes.   Make sure your commute bag, keys, ID badge etc.  are all where you will expect them to be  in the morning. Save time and money by packing yourself a nutritious lunch – maybe a little mezza made of leftovers from the weekend.  And most importantly (to me, anyway) prep and program your coffee maker.

Do Some Self Care

Use the early evening to recover from your weekend activities and hit  the refresh button for the workweek.  Instead of binge watching Netflix, take a long slow walk with your dog.  Enjoy a glass of wine and a luxurious bubble bath.  Do some easy or restorative yoga.  Find a quiet place and do some meditation.  Give yourself a facial or a manicure.  Choose an activity that is slow paced and makes you feel like you’re taking care of you.

Practice Gratitude

Your job might not be perfect, but take a few minutes to offer gratitude to the universe for your job. Think of things at work you’re grateful for….benefits, interesting assignments, coworkers, a short commute, try to list at least 3 things that make you grateful about your job.

Do a Media Blackout

Don’t watch the news. Stay off Facebook or twitter.  Avoid watching tv shows. Make  Sunday night your media-free night.  Staring at screens will interfere with your sleep, and hearing or reading the ills of the world will stress you out and increase your anxiety.  Don’t worry, you can catch up on current events tomorrow.

Daydream About Vacation

If all else fails, daydream about what you’ll do on your next holiday weekend or vacation. Make outrageous plans – daydreaming costs nothing.  Having something to look forward to, even if it’s just a fantasy right now, will help you put work into perspective.

Next Weekend

Still stressed? Remember there’s another weekend coming up in five more days.



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